Command Line Arguments

List of command line arguments:

auto|migrate flag to generate migration files or to migrate a database.
  • -v|version version to migrate to
  • -m|module module to migrate to
  • -f|file|filename output file for auto generation
  • -sf separate files use this flag if you want to create one file for each schema object (eg: create_{0}.cs).
  • -s Target Data Source
  • -db DataBase catalog
  • -u|user username for accessing the db
  • -p|pass password for accessing the db


rkmigrations.exe auto -db:testDb -s:MyServer -u:foo -pass:fooPass -f:create_{0}.cs -sf
Will generate Cs migration files from Myserver/testDb using foo(fooPass) for access.
an exemple result cuold be something like:

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